How I Organize My Planner

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A few weeks ago, I was walking around Target with another military wife and I couldn’t help but blurt out, “Is it weird how excited I am to use my new planner?” To my surprise, she said no! She has also been looking forward to the beginning of the New Year, to start her new planner as well.

Being as busy as I am, I knew I needed to work out a system that makes organizing my planner easy. So here is how I do it!

I use a Blue Sky Weekly/Monthly planner. I happened to pick one up a few years ago and I’ve stuck with them ever since! I like these planners because they have so many features: weekly calendar, monthly calendar, and yearly reference calendars. There’s also a quick reference information sheet, contact pages, and notes pages. Lastly, there is also a list of holidays for the next four years, and a map that includes states, capitals, and time zones.

This particular planner also has a clear cover for personalization, but I use it for my washi tape key. My main responsibilities/plans fall into six categories: personal, doctors, work, photography, shop, and blog. So I went ahead and purchased 6 color coordinating washi tapes from the local craft store. Anytime I have a plan, I cut a piece of the correct washi tape and place it in the appropriate monthly calendar box. I love how convenient washi tape is, because if I have to move something around it can easily be peeled off and reused.

I’ve tested quite a few writing utensils on washi tape, and I have to say that sharpie is my favorite. Pencil writing can be very hard to see on the tape, and the pen ink either smears or doesn’t work to begin with. Sharpie pens work if you’re looking for a fine point, but I like to use the regular silver sharpie.

There is also a nice notes section in each monthly calendar tab. I use this space to display my monthly verse of encouragement, and my monthly book list. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read more, so I use this section to keep track of the books I’ve finished.

Now, I haven’t really been following along, but my goal is to update my weekly calendar each Sunday. During this time, I flip back to the monthly tab and fill in the plans and/or appointments for the week ahead. This way I’m not filling everything in way in advance, only to change it later on. I’m one of those people that will start a new sheet of paper if I mess up, so this is something that works for me.

How do you organize your planner?

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  1. I love the great tips and plan to try use the tape in my current planner!

    1. Thank you! I'd love to see what it looks like when you're finished :)

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