Is the Secret Sister Gift Exchange a Scam?

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This is exactly what I asked myself the first time I was asked to participate. I immediately started researching it to see if it was legit or not, but I didn’t really find anything definitive. So I decided to do it, and share my experience with you!

At first, I really didn’t understand how you could send 1 item and get 36 in return. So I asked a lot of questions. Personally, I think that the rules for the gift exchange were just way too complicated.

In order for the exchange to work you need to:
1.       Send one gift (value of at least $10) to secret sister that is #1 below
2.       Remove secret sister’s name from #1, then move secret sister #2 to that spot.
3.       Add your name to #2 with your information (Name, address, likes)
4.       Find 6 other people to participate
5.       Copy and paste the new information and send it to your six

The whole process was a lot of work, and it only worked if your 6 people were able to find 6 more people to do it too. Which wasn’t my case.

I sent out my package to my secret sister and then I honestly forgot about it. The way that I thought of it was this: If I don’t receive anything I only wasted $10, but if I do receive something then it’s an even trade, and if I receive more than one thing it’s a bonus!

I waited a few weeks and that’s when my first package arrived! I was a little confused at first because I hadn’t ordered anything recently, and that’s when I remembered the exchange!

I received a beautiful handmade necklace from Moon + Feather + Dang! The necklace was beautifully packaged and it was the perfect fit for me! There was also a sweet handwritten note, and a bag of beautiful crystals.

A little while later I received my second package! A beautiful pair of druzy stud earrings from Dream Owl Druzy! These were actually on my wish list for a very long time, and now I finally had them! They were packaged up nicely and came with a handwritten note.

After another week or so I received my final package! This one was a little bigger and filled with goodies! Not only was there an encouraging handwritten note, but there was also a post card. Button Up by Arielle had picked up some salt water taffy’s for me and drew a key on the post card for me. Underneath all of the candy was the final gift, a picture frame. Arielle had taken time to put together a beautiful reminder that I am illimitable.

Altogether I think it was a good experience. While I did not receive all 36 gifts, I did receive 3 which was more than I had expected. I was able to meet other artists and I think that was my favorite part.

Now, do I think that the secret sister gift exchange is a scam? No. Would I participate in it again? Probably not. It was a good experience, but it was also very confusing and unorganized.
Have you participated in the secret sister gift exchange? I’d love to hear your experiences!

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