My Valentine's Day Wishlist 2016

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This is my first Valentine’s Day as a married woman and the first one that I actually get to spend with my husband! Since he’s in the military, we did the whole long distance thing for the last few years and training always got in the way. So this year I’m keeping it simple, I’m just glad that I’ll be spending it with him. But of course, a wish list makes things easier on him!

1. Mouse Pad from Hello Delicious: It may seem silly to want a mouse pad for Valentine’s Day, but I really do need one! I ordered my iMac about a year and a half ago, but I didn’t actually take it out of the box until this May.  Since then I’ve just been using notebooks, printer paper, and anything else nearby. I really like this one because it’s so simple and elegant. It will look great with my silver computer, and white desk.

2. Lanyard from Grandma's Chalkboard: I know. I know. A lanyard isn’t personal either, but I need one of these too! When I was in college, I bought the cheapest lanyard they had at Walmart and it recently broke. It actually lasted a decent amount of time, but now it’s time to be replaced. I love this one because it’s girly enough for me, but simple enough if my husband takes my keys. I also love that it's black and white, so it will match everything!

3. Arrow Jewelry Organizer from Ali Wood Creations: I love everything about these arrows, especially that they are useful! As a small businesses owner myself, I know how important it is to support other shop owners. Which means, I’ve got a bunch of handmade pieces from other artists, and nowhere to display them. These organizers can be customized too, so they will definitely match my room!

4. Clear Druzy Stud Earrings from Frostings Jewelry: I already have a pair of these in silver, and I’d love a clear pair too! These are great everyday earrings because they match everything, and are incredible light weight!

5. Caroline Black Flats from Payless: I am in desperate need of flats! I was born and raised in Florida so I usually wore sandals, but now that I’m in Alabama I need new shoes. I did a quick run into Payless the other day and I saw these. They come in multiple colors, but of course I’m sticking to neutral. These shoes are super flexible and comfy!

6. Cozy Cardigan from Target: Normally I don’t shop at target, but I’ve found myself in there a lot recently! The last time I was there I found this cozy cardigan in purple, and I couldn’t resist getting it. I only wish I had picked it up in all of the other colors too! It’s perfect for layering with a tank, leggings, and boots!

7. Assorted Crystal Heart Box from Curative Soul: Others might prefer chocolate, but I prefer a heart shaped box full of crystals! I have quite the collection of gemstones going, and I always love to add more. Normally I shop for gemstones myself, so it would be a nice change of pace to get some from him!

8. Chocolate Carmel Squares from Ghirardelli: I’m not a huge chocolate fan, but I do like this kind! These are the perfect addition to any Valentine’s Day Present, or any day in general! They’re even better when you put them in the refrigerator.

9. A vase of lilies: I will never turn down flowers, but I especially like lilies! They are just so pretty and I think they look beautiful with roses too. I love having flowers in the house!

10. Something from the Heart: I’m really big on making presents, and I love receiving them too! While I’d be happy with anything on my wish list, I think this one may be the most important. Handmade gifts show that you put in time and effort, and that’s what matters most!

What is on your Valentine’s Day wish list?

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