Blog Stats & Income Report: November 2016

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A couple months ago, I decided that I was going to start tracking all of my blog stats, social media followers, income, and expenses. I've seen a lot of big bloggers do this and I've been inspired to do the same, especially by Melissa Griffin. I mean did you see her report from July 2016? She made over $100k!

Obviously my numbers will be no where near hers, but they're still worth keeping track of! I know sometimes it can get overwhelming to see bloggers making thousands of dollars, so I thought it was important to show what it looks like for me. I only launched this blog in January 2016, so I still have a lot to learn, but I'm glad I can share it with you!

Actually, I'm more than glad, I'm super excited! I have been watching my numbers and waiting for the month to be over, so I can finally compare everything. Usually my husband is the math guy, but I can't wait to calculate everything!

Traffic Report
November Traffic
  • Pageviews: 349 (- 75.83%)
  • Unique Visitors: 50 (- 92.54%)
  • Sessions: 158 (- 81.65%)
  • Duration: 3:47 (+ 138.95%)
  • Bounce Rate: 5.70% (- 92.42%)
  • New Sessions: 31.07% (- 57.06%)
After logging on to Google Analytics today, I realized that my account was also spammed by the infamous "Secret.ɢ You are invited! Enter only with this ticket URL. Copy it. Vote for Trump!" So, I can only assume that my numbers are messed up, especially because my blogger stats vary greatly from the numbers I'm using today. 

November Traffic Sources
  • Social: 13.92% (- 75.62%)
    • Pinterest: 0% (- 100%)
    • Facebook: 0% (- 100%)
    • Instagram: 0% (- 100%)
    • Twitter: 0% (- 100%)
    • Blogger: 0% (- 100%)
    • Google+: 0% (- 100%)
  • Direct: 0% (- 100%)
  • Referral: 58.23% (+ 646.54%)
  • Organic: 27.85% (+ 85.67%)
As I mentioned earlier, I believe that my numbers are wrong and honestly I'm surprised by this report.   I have never had 0 direct traffic before, so that is definitely weird for me! And after digging a little deeper into my report, it appears that every traffic source is spam. So unfortunately, I have no idea how accurate any of this month's traffic report is.

On the bright side though, I figured out exactly how to protect my Google Analytics account from future spam! You can read all about it in my recent post, "5 Changes You Need to Make to Your Google Analytics Account Right Now!"

Social Media Report
November Social Media Growth
  • Instagram: 1193 (- 1.08%)
  • Twitter: 1421 (+ 9.48%)
  • Pinterest: 958 (+ 12.06%)
  • Bloglovin': 272 (+ 8.37%)
  • Facebook: 90 (+ 8.43%)
  • Google+: 29 (+ 3.57%)
  • Email Subscribers: 41(+ 13.89%)
Honestly, I'm pretty surprised by my social media report. I've done a horrible job this month and I'm pretty disappointed in myself. After my tests at the hospital, I was absolutely drained. I couldn't move or do anything and then I got an infection on top of that, not to mention all of my normal symptoms and struggles. So, in the end, I wasn't able to schedule/post anything on social media and I don't even think I sent out a newsletter. Somehow though, you guys kept finding my accounts and followed me anyways and I thank you for that!

Profit & Loss Report
November Income
  • Freelance: $202.16
  • Affiliate Programs: $31.85
  • Ads: $10.82
  • Miscellaneous: $19.85
  • Products:
    • Oska Pulse: Free ($399 + includes shipping)
    • Book: Free ($14.99 + includes shipping)
  • Total Income: $264.68 + $413.99 worth of free products
Guys! I'm so surprised! Honestly, I had no idea that this is what this month's income report would look like! I basically spent this month curled up in a blanket watching Gilmore Girls, so you can imagine how surprised I am with the amount I was able to make this month! It's probably all going to go towards Christmas presents, but still!

November Expenses
(Anything with an * next to it is an affiliate link)

Total Profit: $157.29 + $413.99 worth of free products

Again, I'm really surprised by this month's numbers! I barely did anything this month and I still managed to make a profit! And the best part is, besides the freelancing jobs, I didn't have to lift a finger! I'm slowly but surely beginning to make a profit from passive income and it feels amazing!

I hope I can keep this pattern going next month, but I might get a little too carried away with giveaways! My loss is your gain though :)

Post Report
November Posts
As you guys know, being chronically ill can be very taxing on one's body and its even harder when hospitals are involved. So, as a result, I wasn't able to write nearly as much as I normally do. However, it appears that some of my old posts are kicking but anyways! In fact, I saw earlier today that "Tips for Recovering After Pushing Yourself Too Far" had over 180 repins on Pinterest and that's a pretty big deal for me!

Goal Report
Last Month's Goals:
  • Finish secret project
  • Publish at least 18 blog posts
  • Hit 4k total followers/subscribers
  • Write at least 2 guest blog posts

This Month's Goals:
  • Finish secret project
  • Publish at least 18 blog posts
  • Hit 5k total followers/subscribers
  • Write at least 3 guest blog posts
It's been a rough couple of month's for me and my work has definitely showcased it, but I'm determined to catch up and do better! So even though I'm slightly disappointed with this month's numbers, I'm going to accept them for what they are. I will just have to try better next month!

Overall, I did a pretty good job without trying lol. I kept my promise to avoid any big purchases and I was able to make a profit by doing so! I also think that although my blog stats were skewed, I did increase in traffic. I almost doubled my Google Adsense earnings, so that must mean I'm doing something right! Here's to hoping December is my best month yet!

How was your November? Tell me in the comments!

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