Tips for Recovering After Pushing Yourself Too Far

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It seems only fitting to write this blog post today as I'm currently trying to recover from pushing myself just a little too far.

Originally, we didn't have any plans this weekend, but that quickly changed. We were invited to a military potluck and we gladly accepted. However, we didn't plan appropriately. We agreed to make dessert but didn't have the supplies. So the morning of, I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I was pushing myself to walk around Walmart, even if I was out of breath and my legs were collapsing beneath me. 

The next day, my husband and I went to Georgia. It was important that I canceled a bank account I wasn't using and then head to another bank to open up another account. Of course, this meant pushing myself to stand in long bank lines and deal with the intense migraines that came from the fluorescent lights.

Overall, I'm happy that I was able to accomplish so much and that I was able to enjoy time with friends; but in reality, I shouldn't have done everything that I did. Instead, I should have listened to my body and slowed down a bit.

So now, I'm reaping the consequences! My migraines are worse than normal, my blood sugar has been low, and I'm both physically and mentally exhausted. So much so, that I've been sitting in the same place just trying to wish away the pain.

Of course, those aren't legitimate steps towards a recovery, so I've created a list of tips for recovering after you've pushed yourself too far. 

1. Listen to your body.
If you're like me, then you've ignored your body's warnings and you've already gone past the point of no return. So from this point on, make sure that you are listening to your body. If you've still got plans, but you aren't feeling up to them, then cancel. It's important that you listen to what your body has to say. Otherwise, you're just going to feel worse in the end.

2. Try and relax.
I know this is easier said than done. I'm sure you've got things to do, places to clean, and other responsibilities, but you need to take some time to relax. The more you overwork yourself, the worse you are going to feel. I know what it's like to feel as if you need to always be doing something, but it's ok to mute the little voice that's telling you that. In fact, mute everything for a while and just relax by taking a bath or a nap. 

3. Distract yourself.
If you can't seem to relax or you've just had enough relaxing for the time being, then find a way to distract yourself. However, don't let your distraction be something that will exhaust you. Watch tv or give your animals some cuddles. If you're feeling up for it, you could even walk around a pet store and hang out with some cute bunnies. If you can't do that, maybe work on the easiest tasks on your to-do list. You know, call that toll-free number to check your gift card balances or organize your email account. Find little things that distract you without pushing your body further. 

4. Eat at least two meals a day.
I know it's supposed to be three, but lets be honest, it's just not happening. If it weren't for my husband, I probably wouldn't have eaten today. It can be difficult to cook or even get to the kitchen if you feel like you've been hit by a truck, so just aim for getting some food in your system. One of the best ways to make sure that you eat is by preparing ahead of time. If you pack your meals in advance or just have easy meals on hand, then there's rarely an excuse as to why you didn't eat. Honestly, my go to meal right now is a bowl of cereal. It's easy and it doesn't require any heat, so I know my body can handle making it, as long as I can make it to the kitchen of course. So try and plan ahead because eating is one of the key ingredients to feeling better. 

5. Attempt to maintain healthy sleep habits.
Whether or not your usual routine involves sleeping six hours or twelve, it's important that you try to maintain that routine. Sleep can have a huge effect on how you feel on a day to day basis, so you should try to keep the best sleep habits that you can. If you're really having trouble sleeping, then I recommend talking to your doctor about various sleep aids and possibly having a sleep study done. I know that if it weren't for my rheumatoligst scheduling one for me, then I wouldn't have known that I have sleep apnea. Now that I do, I'm able to get the best sleep possible for my body.

6. Practice self care.
I know I've said it before and I'm going to say it again, practicing self care is incredibly important! Setting aside time for yourself to work on something you love or participate in one of your favorite past times is more than necessary. Personally, I enjoy reading and crafting. If I'm not feeling up for one of those two things, than I might just pull out my jumbo coloring book and my 96 pack of crayons :) For others, practicing self care means meditating each morning and practicing yoga before bed. Whatever it is for you, make sure that you're giving yourself the time to do it.

7. Ask for help and accept help.
I didn't think it was enough to just say that you need to ask for help, because it's not; you need to be able to accept said help too. I know how much each of us wants to remain independent, but it's not that easy. We can either continue pushing our bodies too far by trying to do everything on our own, or we can let others help us which will help aid in our recovery. Whatever your reasoning may be for not asking for help, forget it. You are doing what you need to do to recover and that's all that matters.

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of other tips for recovering after pushing yourself too far, but these are my favorites. Of course, I don't always follow them, but this is more of a "do as I say and not as I do" kind of moment. However, I do promise to try and follow my own advice more often!

Do you have any tips that you'd like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this article...I need it today. I am sure that most people already do this but I also soak in a bath with epsom salts, baking soda, Himalayan salt and ginger. This is the only thing that helps my aching muscles when I have done something stupid, like yesterday. :-)

    1. You're welcome and thank you for stopping by! I haven't actually heard of doing that before! I've known about soaking in epsom salts, but I usually just did that for my feet. Do you have any recommendations on how much to use of each? I'm one of those people that needs all the details before trying something new 😂

    2. I thought I had answered your question on the detox bath but I am not sure. It has been a rough 10 days but I am going to do this now. I too need all the info before trying something new. I totally get it. You need to have the water as deep and as hot as you can stand it. Add 2 handfuls of Epsom salts, a handful of baking soda, either a tsp of ginger or 10 drops of lavender essential oil. I don't know if you have discovered the benefits of Himalayan salt but when I have some I throw in a handful of it as well. Stay in as long as you can. Drink a large glass of water before and after or you might get light-headed from the bath. I also rinse off because my skin is so dry. This helps my muscle pain better than any medication. I hope you find it helpful. (If I already sent this to you, sorry!)

    3. Thank you! I've gotten myself bath salts before, but I never actually ended up using them 😄So I will definitely have to try this out! And I feel you on the glass of water before and after! I have do the same with each shower and eat a snack too. I also have super dry skin as well, have you tried the Jergens wet skin moisturizer? It's really helped a lot for me!

  2. I really needed to hear this after the day I've had. Thank you so much for taking the time to make sure people know they have to slow down and take care of their selves.