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One of my favorite parts of featuring perfectly ambitious women and small businesses, is getting to review their lovely products!

Today, I'm reviewing a series of lip balms from Urbanfarmergirls. Audrey the owner, also included a bag of samples which we will be giving away!

Audrey opened Urbanfarmergirls in 2013! She and her business seem to be doing well! She has close to 2,000 followers on Instagram and she's made over 200 sales!

Urbanfarmergirls offers a variety of all natural beauty products. Some of which include: Lip balms, sugar scrubs, skincare products and perfume oils. If you're looking for gifts, she has products for both males and females. She even offers to customize products for special occasions or businesses! 

When the package first arrived, it came in a bubble mailer. To my surprise there was another bubble mailer inside. It's safe to say that your Urbanfarmergirls order will not be tossed around inside the packaging.

Once I got rid of the extra bubble mailer, I saw Audrey's adorable packaging. The giveaway set arrived in a little pouch and my personal samples came in their own bag as well. As you can see from my pictures, I loved the strips of confetti!

I have to say, Audrey is very consistent with her branding! Her bags and stickers come with the website printed on for easy branding without a business card. Not often would I agree that a business should go without a business card, but Urbanfarmergirls does it perfectly! Their information is on each one of their products, so you never have to worry about forgetting where it's from!

Customer service was also above average! Audrey was easy to communicate with and she followed through with her plans. She said she'd get my package out after Easter, and that's exactly what she did!

I was honestly surprised when I opened up my package. Early on in our conversations I informed Audrey of my top 5 picks, then instructed her to surprise me. I requested birthday cake, pink sugar, watermelon, pink lemonade, and cinnabon. Aubrey, being the kind soul that she is, sent me four out of the five I was interested in!

I'm really excited to be reviewing these lip balms, because they are spectacular! I even got my husband to try one of them!

I really liked the fact that these products were 100% natural. I don't always put the best things in my body, like fast foods and medications, so it make's me happy knowing I'm using an all natural product.

I won't give away her secrets, but the lip balms were made from various waxes, oils, and butters. And I have to say, they felt incredible on my lips! They were smooth and refreshing as they hydrated my chapped lips.

I normally have a problem with chapsticks, but I don't think I'll have that problem ever again! Usually when I put it on, it chaps my lips more without doing any good. Audrey's lip balms did the complete opposite! Just trying on the four different lip balms in one day showed a huge improvement! I'd show you guys the before and after, but that'd be such a weird close up of my face :p

As for the individual scents, I did like some more than others. Each one smelled exactly as described! If you're looking for a light scent, I would recommend pink sugar or birthday cake. If you're looking for a strong scent, I would recommend watermelon or cinnabon. My only note: if you don't like those cinnamon brooms during the holidays, don't get cinnabon. It's like having one of those on your face!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this shop! I think providing all natural beauty products is a great thing in itself, and I love supporting other small businesses. I will definitely be placing an order with Audrey, but I think these lip balms are going to last me a while!

As I mentioned earlier, Audrey included a gift set of three lip balms in a cute little pouch. The three scents in the gift set include: beach balm, cinnabon, and pink sugar.

One lucky winner will be taking home the entire set! This giveaway starts on 4/15/2016 and ends on 4/23/2016 at midnight CDT. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on 4/24/216!

There's only one mandatory entry for this giveaway and a bunch of other ways to gain extra entries.

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*Audrey from Urbanfarmergirls, provided free samples to Perfectly Ambitious in exchange for a product review. However, all opinions in this post are mine. I will only provide my honest thoughts and opinions in all of my reviews. *

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