15 Things You Never Knew About Me

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This post is inspired by a blogpost I read on Bloglovin' a couple of days ago. Christine from Christine Everyday, recently posted "10 Things You Never Knew About Me". I absolutely love learning more about my readers and fellow bloggers, so I decided to tell you guys a little more about myself!

1. I hate the beach
It's funny because I actually grew up in a small beach town in Florida. Honestly though, I've just never been a fan. It's always hot and sandy. Not to mention, I was small enough that the waves would toss me around. I'm also prone to dehydration and heat exhaustion. I'm supposed to avoid direct or artificial sunlight while taking my medications anyways. Another thing, I don't like to swim in water if I can't see below me.

2. I have a weird obsession with organizing things
I'm pretty sure that the main reason all of my friends parents love me is because I've organized their children's rooms at least once. I can't even tell you how many of my friends rooms I've not just organized, but thoroughly cleaned. I went through ever drawer, box, and container and helped them go through their stuff. I was even paid a few times to help people organize their homes.

3. I don't like chocolate
Well, that's not completely true. I just prefer brownies and chocolate candies that have other ingredients like Twix, Milky Way, and Reese's. I won't eat chocolate by itself, unless it's a piece of Dove milk chocolate. I don't like chocolate cake or ice cream either.

4. I rarely drink anything other than water
I will occasionally have a sprite when I go out for a meal, but I don't drink them at home. I also crave chocolate milk every once in a while, but there has to be very little chocolate in it. I no longer drink other sodas and I've never once had alcohol. I'll occasionally order a cream based Frappuccino from Starbucks, but I don't think that really counts. Since I don't like coffee, my drink is basically vanilla ice cream with caramel drizzle on top.

5. I have a scar on my pointer finger
Growing up in Florida, my brother and I got to experience fishing on Lake Okeechobee with my great grandpa. The first time we went out, we used cane poles. If you don't know what that is, it's basically a stick with fishing line and a hook at the end of it. Anyways, my brother put the pole over his shoulder and then flicked his wrist towards the water. Normally, this would result in the line landing in the water, but instead the hook ended up in my hand. My grandpa pulled it out and we kept on fishing.

6. People are usually surprised by how much I can eat
Even as a size 0, this was true. I have always been able to eat a lot and I am always hungry. I was once referred to as a baby dinosaur because of how much I can eat. I've eaten a dozen donuts in one sitting, but I try not to do that anymore. There was even this one time that I was at McDonald's and I kid you not, I ate: 20 chicken nuggets, a large fry, a double cheeseburger, and a cinnamelt, with a sprite which I refilled multiple times. I'm the kind of girl that will order a ton of food at breakfast, finish it, and then clear the rest of the plates on the table. I just like food.

7. I still watch shows on ABC Family
Yes I said ABC Family, it will never be Freeform to me. If I had cable, I'd probably still watch Disney Channel shows too. I am 21 years old and I am not ashamed to admit this. A majority of their shows have been on since I was in high school. Just like I have to finish a book, I have to finish a series. I cannot go without knowing what has happened, which is exactly why I hate when shows are canceled. ABC Family keeps pumping out seasons of the shows I love and I'm going to keep watching them until all of them end.

8. I have an odd taste in music
Growing up I was exposed to way too many genres of music. My mom listened to country and the top hits; while my step-dad listened to classical and alternative rock. If you were to scroll through my phone you'd find those genres and everything in between. You would see everything from Kenny Chesney to Sublime to Good Charlotte and Lil Wayne. My Pandora stations are even worse. Some day's I'm belting out worship music and other days I'm keeping up with the Nicki Minaj lyrics.

9. I learned to drive playing Gran Turismo
You might think I'm joking, but I'm not. My step-dad was a huge fan of Gran Turismo and I'm pretty sure he had every one of them. We used to sit in the computer chairs in front of the TV with the steering wheel controller on top of the end table and the pedals under our feet. I honestly think this is why I'm such a good driver now. I've learned to control my car and I know how to drive it. A previous coworker referred to me as Danica because I like to drive a little fast. However, I know how to drive my car and I would never put anyone in harms way.

10. In high school I won a contest for my poetry
I don't really write poetry anymore, but I wrote a lot of it in high school. I aced every English project with poetry and I decided to enter my poetry in to one of the county contests. I didn't think anything would happen, but my two poems placed 1st and 3rd. I got a couple certificates and ate cake with the other winners. I think that's when my true love for writing began, I just wish I hadn't brushed it off. Had I kept up with it, I probably would have been finished with my first book by now!

11. I was in linguistics club in elementary school
I'm gonna be real with you guys, I was the teachers pet and the one that most kids hated. I was the kid that always did my homework and I even reminded the teacher if they didn't collect it. I participated in linguistics and social studies club. We used to practice afterschool and then go to other schools to compete with other students. I still have my trophies.

12. I have a lot of pet peeves
It's true! I have crazy good hearing and I can hear things that other's sometimes can't. This leads to me getting annoyed A LOT. Most people don't like hearing pens click, and I don't either, but I hear past that. I can hear someone picking at their nails, breathing, and making the littlest noises. Basically all of these things bother me. It could be because my eyesight is so bad, but every noise seems to sound like it's 5x louder in my ears. As I'm writing this, I can hear each breath my cat takes on the other side of the room!

13. I'm a NASCAR Fan
Honestly, I hated NASCAR for the longest time! I just didn't understand how people could be interested in watching cars drive around in circles. I thought it was a waste of time and gas. That is until I went to my first race. Daytona wasn't too far from where we lived and my parents got tickets for my brother. Originally I wasn't supposed to go, but that ended up changing. Going to that race is what made all the difference. There's just something about actually being there during the excitement of it all. My family is a Tony Stewart family. So much so, that I have actually never stepped foot into a Lowe's and I probably never will. Even though Stewart started his own team, we will always shop at Home Depot.

14. I'm incredibly paranoid
Now it's probably not the type of paranoia that you're thinking of. I don't think aliens are coming to abduct me. However, I am constantly paranoid that someone is creeping around the corner. I grew up on scary movies and it definitely shows. The first movie I ever remember watching is Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I've watched many more scary movies since then and I've just gotten bored of them. They tend to be predictable and I actually fall asleep in them now. I've seen so many of them that I check behind the shower curtain every time I go into the bathroom. I also jump from the light switch to my bed when I have to turn the lights off. I know I'm probably just freaking myself out, but those moves have made me feel like there is always someone lurking around.

15. I am a Taurus
For the most part, everything they say about people that are a Taurus is true for me. I am definitely reliable, practical, and responsible. Maybe even too much, I tend to overplan and overanalyze a lot of things. I agree with the Taurus weaknesses too. I am ridiculously stubborn and uncompromising. I actually recently shared an article on my Facebook titled, "6 Stereotypes Of The Taurus Sign That Are Surprisingly True." One of my Facebook friends had shared in on my newsfeed and I figured I'd read it to kill some time. I actually ended up agreeing with everything in it and sharing it on my profile too.

Well that's all I got for today! I hope that you enjoyed these facts! Feel free to leave your own in the comments, I'd love to get to know more about you!

I've been considering doing a series called "Ask Ivy." Instead of just listing random facts about me, I would actually be answering the questions that you guys have for me! If you think that's something you guys would like to participate in, leave some questions in the comments below!

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  1. Where in Florida are you from? I lived in Vero Beach for 8 years!

    1. I lived in Jensen Beach for 17 years! My great grandparents lived in Fort Pierce, so we went to Vero often. That's so crazy!

  2. Awesome. I love people who love food and eat a lot! :) My metabolism has slowed with age, but I used to out-eat all the guys because I did so many sports that I was just always scarfing down food. Nice post.


    1. I was the same way! I was a varsity weightlifter for four years. I stayed between 105-110 all through high school, but my metabolism has completely changed with age and each new diagnosis too. I've gotten a little bit better at trying to out eat everyone, but food is just so good :)