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Kaylee Euler is a perfectly ambitious woman currently residing in Owosso, Michigan. She is the owner and operator of SnazzyStarlight, where she sells her acrylic paintings.

SnazzyStarlight originally came about because Kaylee has synesthesia, a condition that causes her to see music as color. The reason she started her shop was to show friends and family how she experiences music and to further explain her condition. So, her shop is filled with the songs she sees visually painted onto canvases. 

While Kaylee does offer a wide selection of songs, she also offers custom sizing and custom orders. If you don't see the song that you're looking for, she will work with you to bring that song to life!

When she is not working on her business, she can usually be found at a coffee shop (because lattes are a big part of her life) or at school! You might not believe it, but this perfectly ambitious woman is still in high school and preparing for college!

Q & A with Kaylee
Q: Have you ever been told you were too ambitious?
A: Definitely! I was told that I shouldn't get my hopes up too high when I started my shop so I wouldn't be disappointed.

Q: Do you think it is good or bad to have dreams you may never accomplish? Why?
A: I think it's good! You have to have some hope and confidence! If you've got nothing to aim for, you can't get anywhere at all. So even if you miss, you'll still be closer to your goals.

Q: How do you define perfectly ambitious?
A: I define perfectly ambitious as being willing to give everything you have for a dream.

Q: What makes you perfectly ambitious?
A: I'm always willing to give my best effort and come up with new and unique ways to achieve my dreams!

Q: What inspires you?
A: Music, when it comes to creating. And the people around me inspire me to just keep going!

Q: What is your favorite medium?
A: Acrylic paints, hands down!

Q: What is your creative process like?
A: Usually, I pick the song I want to work on and give it a few listens. For me, songs have a lot of motion, and I try to assemble it all on a still canvas, which can be tricky. I then will either paint a few little 'doodles' to try and figure out my favorite concept or I'll go straight to the canvas if I think I've got it ready. I keep listening to the song while I paint, to make sure I'm staying on track and not taking 'artistic liberties' while I work. I want to stay true to the song! I also take care to make tags for each song with lyrics, and I package everything in the neatest, most creative way that I can!

Q: What are your future goals?
A: I'm going to be going into business or marketing for college next year, and I'm hoping to keep up my paintings! I'd really love to see my work in a gallery, and see more of the artists whose music I paint enjoy the work I do with their songs! I really want to grow my paintings, and expand more into prints and other things! I'd love to see it become big enough to live off of! Ultimately, I want to create, and I want to make people happy with what I make! People have such personal connections to music, and my work is a physical manifestation of that! I want people to get to see the songs that mean most to them come to life, and to see them happy with it!

Q: What is your biggest accomplishment?
A: I'd say that just juggling classes and this shop has been pretty big! It's gotten much bigger than I ever thought it would, and it's much busier as well!

Fun Facts about Kaylee
  • Her favorite quote is "We'll all get over this hurdle and all be feeling great pretty soon" by Dodie Clark.
  • Her favorite movie is Ghostbusters. 
  • Her favorite book is Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz!
  • She wants to learn how to incorporate other mediums into her work because she'd love to try new things!
  • She thinks she's horrible at watercolor and criticism. 
  • She has a nightly routine of taking her cat into the kitchen after everyone else is asleep in order to get them each a snack. 

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