10 Ways to Stay Motivated

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Each and every one of us has some type of goal or future success that we want to achieve. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy getting to where we want to be. That’s why it’s important that we stay motivated!

These 10 tips will help you stay motivated on your journey to success!

1. Create Helpful Habits
The difference between a regular habit and a helpful habit, is that one has a direct correlation towards achieving your goals. Creating helpful habits is just as important as breaking your bad habits. If you want to succeed, then you need to make sure you are doing what you can to do so. It’s been said that it takes 21 days to create a habit. What they don’t tell you is that those 21 days can be incredibly hard without the right motivation. Something that I started doing to keep up with my new habits is numbering 21 sticky notes and leaving them somewhere I’ll see them every single day. Once I’ve accomplished my task for the day, then I’ll rip the sticky note off and throw it away.

2. Dedicate 10 Minute Blocks of Time
If we’re being honest here, which we are, then I can say that starting tasks is my biggest problem. I know what I need to do, but I can’t ever seem to sit down and just do it. I overthink what might happen until I’ve talked myself out of it. However, once I started dedicating 10 minutes towards each task, I’ve seen a huge difference in my to-do list. Once I sit down and actually focus on the task, I’m able to get moving right along. Before I know it, I’ve either finished the task or I’ve gotten pretty close.

3. Remind Yourself of Your Goals
Sometimes it can be easy to fall into the rhythm of doing the same old thing again and again. We continue working on these mundane and tedious tasks without remembering what we’re doing them for. It’s important that we remind ourselves of our goals, so we can stay on track. It’s easy to get distracted when we aren’t passionate about the small steps that it takes to get to our ultimate goals. Just remind yourself that each thing you cross off of your to-do list, is one step closer to success.

4. Set Incentives
Incentives are my favorite part of goal setting! I don’t know about you, but I like getting stuff ☺ When it comes to setting incentives, you can go as big or small as you want as long as it’s realistic. If I’m doing a small task like reading or writing, I usually treat myself to candy or sweets after I’m finished. If I’m working towards a goal that spreads over a long period of time, then I will treat myself to bigger and less frequent incentives. For example, if I was working towards losing 30 pounds, then I might set an incentive for every five pounds that I lose. These incentives might include: new workout clothes, a gym membership, a new yoga mat, and so much more. Incentives are completely personalized for you, so there’s no way you won’t want to earn them.

5. Plan Ahead
I am a firm believer in planning ahead, maybe even a little too much. I have two different planners that I use on a daily basis and I’ve got to-do lists scattered all around the house. Planning ahead is something that works for me, so I definitely recommend it! Something that I’ve learned over the years is to create my to-do lists at night. It makes it so much easier to get up in the morning and get to work because I’ve already got everything planned out.

6. Visualize Yourself Succeeding
I was a varsity weightlifter for four years and this is a tip that I used at every single meet that we had. Before each of my lifts, I would imagine myself successfully performing each lift. I really think that visualizing it working actually helped me succeed in my competitions. The only time that it didn’t really work was when I imagined myself in place of someone else and then they didn’t make their lift. So, now I try to visualize myself reaching each and every one of my goals.

7. Prioritize Your Tasks
Once you have planned ahead and made your to-do list, it’s important that you prioritize your tasks. I like to do this two different ways. First, I organize everything by deadline. If I know that certain things need to be done by a certain time, then those tasks go first. When it comes to the tasks that can be done at any time, I like to organize those by the amount of time it will take to complete those tasks. I normally will try to get the harder and more time consuming tasks out of the way first. That way I don’t procrastinate doing the larger tasks while I’m working on the smaller tasks. I also use this method to ensure that I don’t run out of time either.

8. Focus Yourself
While a majority of these tips are simple changes that you can make in your daily routine, this one is not. It is important that you are continuously refocusing yourself and your life towards your goals. If you are really interested in achieving success, then you need to make sure that your actions are showing that. Of course, it’s ok to have some fun every once in a while, but ultimately you need to make sure that each of your choices are leading you down the correct path.

9. Publicize Your Goals
I’ve always had a hard time with this one. It’s been a little bit of a combination of not wanting to jinx things and not wanting everyone to know if I don’t accomplish something that I set out to do. Of course, that’s exactly why we need to publicize our goals. Not only do we receive encouragement from others, but those same people also keep us accountable. By not wanting to fail the people supporting us, we are motivated to succeed in the things that we set out to do.

10. Keep Track of Your Accomplishments
I know I said that incentives were my favorite part of goal setting, but keeping track of my accomplishments is my favorite motivator. As I mentioned earlier, I have tons of to-do lists scattered all around my house. Occasionally, a to-do list can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. I know that when I start to write down everything that needs to get done for the house, my blog, and myself, I end up filling up an entire sheet of paper. Then even when we do cross things off of our list, it doesn’t feel like as big of an accomplishment as we thought it would. So in an effort to keep myself motivated, I keep a journal of my accomplishments. Each day I write the date and everything that I accomplished that day. It helps me remember that good feeling of crossing something off of my to-do list over and over again. It also helps me stay motivated because I want to have more accomplishments than I had the day before.

I don’t know what it is that you’re trying to accomplish, but I really hope that these tips help you stay motivated in order to accomplish it!

How do you stay motivated? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Great tips Ivy! I do a lot of these things too. One thing I do a little differently than you - I knock out all the small tasks first. That makes me feel like I've got a ton accomplished and keeps me motivated for the bigger tasks. And I love the idea of visualizing! I've never tried that before. And it was cool learning that you use to be a weightlifter! :)

    1. Thank you Paula! I used to start with the small tasks, but then I realized that I was just coming up with small tasks to put off doing the big tasks - I guess I'm just a procrastinator at heart 😂 Visualizing is something I definitely recommend. I'm a visual person, so imaging myself succeeding is just one of the things that keeps me going!