Interview with the Creator of Clothing Refresher

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Each month I open up advertising to various blogs, brands, and businesses and every once in a while, I showcase those awesome sponsors with their own special interview! This month, I'm interviewing the owner and creator of Clothing Refresher!

Let's get started! Shall we? :)

What is the name of your business & how was it decided?
The name Clothing Refresher was decided upon to make things simple and understandable for anybody. Since it is a new concept idea, it is important to let people know what it is right away and through the name was the best way.

How long has the business been up and running?
Clothing Refresher has only been open for about two months so far, although, it has gained lots of traction especially through social media.

Where is Clothing Refresher located?
Clothing Refresher products are handmade in New York. However, we do several events at various markets and fairs throughout New York and New Jersey Area.

What products do you offer?
We offer Clothing Refresher sprays which naturally neutralize and remove odors on clothing with a unique blend of essential oils. They are used by spraying to refresh clothes throughout the day and in-between washes. It helps to get rid of odors that build up on clothes such as sweat, body odor, pet odors and so many more. They are available in three different aromas including Original, Bouquet, and Lavender Scents.

Which product is considered your best seller?
This would actually be the Bouquet Scent.

Do you plan to offer any other scents?
At this time we’ve found that the three scents we offer, being Original (fresh, clean, light citrus), Bouquet (floral) and Lavender have been successful in catering to any given persons acquired preference in aroma. For this reason, we do not plan to add new scents just yet.

Hopes and dreams for Clothing Refresher?
We would love to see the products gain more exposure to the brick-and-mortar retail market such as boutiques, salons, and spas.

What do you believe business success is? Do you think you’ve achieved it yet? If not, what steps do you plan on taking to achieve it?
We believe business success is when a company very carefully and thoughtfully creates its products and services. Then, it must be successfully matched up with customers. Finally, the message, idea, or product has reached its audience and delivered its meaning and usefulness. We believe the Clothing Refresher brand has accomplished the thoughtful creation and we are quickly achieving the rest!

What’s the ultimate goal for Clothing Refresher?
The goal is to bring innovative and unique products to everybody that wants to make their clothing last longer, prevent: fading, pilling, shrinkage & wear of clothes, save money on dry cleaning and care about their clothes.

What's one fun fact about Clothing Refresher products?
Clothing Refresher products can also be used for linens, fabrics, rooms, furniture, and aromatherapy!

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