Book Haul: March 2017

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These are all of the books that I have purchased in March! I have received a few more from authors and publishers, but I want to keep those a secret until I post my reviews!

All the Bright Places
I've run across Jennifer Niven's All the Bright Places before, everywhere from blogger round ups to actual bookshelves; but I never put to much thought into it. Until finally, it popped up in my "Recommendations for You, Ivy" section on Amazon. I'm really excited to have gotten it though and I'm hoping I like it, because another one of Jennifer's books is on my wish list!

Everything, Everything
I've seen Nicola Yoon's books all over Instagram and I've had no idea why. So when I saw her second novel, The Sun Is Also a Star, available for review, I requested a copy almost immediately! Shortly after, I knew that I needed to order her first book, Everything, Everything, too! I can't tell you guys just how excited I am to read this one! And if it's anything like the last one, I'll be done in one sitting :)

Crank Boxed Set
As you guys know, I've been working on a new novel in verse and I've been leaning on Ellen Hopkins for some inspiration. Lucky for me, I've already read a majority of her books before, so now all I need to do is track down a couple of my favorites! Surprisingly enough, I was able to snag a boxed set of the Crank series! I was hoping to get copies of Crank, Glass, and Fallout with their original covers, but this was a little easier! Honestly, I can't wait to get my hands on these and fall in love with them all over again!

Chasing Brooklyn
After doing a little bit of research, I quickly learned that Lisa Schroeder also happens to be a queen of verse novels. So, what could I do, but pick up a couple of them! I've never read any of her work before, but I'm super excited to check out Chasing Brooklyn and see if it sparks anything for one of my new novels :)

I Heart You, You Haunt Me
I've got to admit, I think this is the book I'm looking forward to the most out of this book haul! According to the forums, Lisa's I Heart You, You Haunt Me is pretty spectacular! Soon I'll find out for myself!

The Day Before
To be honest, I probably didn't need this one, but I got a little carried away. I have a tendency to do that when it comes to books and craft supplies. That's mainly why I've banned myself from bookstores and craft stores, but it's kind of impossible to ban myself from the internet :) So, I now own The Day Before!

Far From You
Far From You is a little outside of my normal read; but based on the reviews, I think I'm going to enjoy it! Besides, this year is all about reading new books and I can't wait to read this one!

Have you read any of these books before? What did you think of them?

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  1. I've been wanting to get back into reading. Which one these books was your favorite?
    Xo, Faith