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Chanler Jeffers is a perfectly ambitious woman currently residing in Charleston, SC. She actually went back and forth between Los Angeles and Charleston as a child, but eventually settled full-time in Charleston!

She is the owner and operator of a blog titled Team JeffersChanler primarily blogs about optimism, encouragement, and inspiration. She has dedicated her blog to Midlife women and the people who love them!

The overall themes of Chanler's writing are self-care in this difficult and harsh world, and making the world a better place in whatever way we can. She gently asks people to think, reflect, and then respond.

When choosing her niche, Chanler didn't start out with one specific category in mind. Instead, it evolved over time; both in response to her writing and her life. 

Although she is an extremely shy person in real life, Chanler's blog gave her a platform and an audience to share her thoughts with and boy did she have a lot of them! It took about a year for her to get everything out and everything changed from there!

Once Chanler had finished writing, she took a step back and examined the numbers. She figured out which posts had the most success, both in ratings and responses from her devoted readers. According to Chanler, "the pieces where I had been most vulnerable about aging were what people seemed to value the most."

Q & A with Chanler
Q: Do you think it is good or bad to have dreams you may never accomplish? And why?
A: Great question, and I’m afraid I don’t have a definitive answer. Here’s why. It’s great—truly fantastic—to have outrageous dreams. We need to have something to strive for every single day we get out of bed. We should never lose sight of our dream. However. The secret is to be flexible in how we make those dreams come true. Many times, I see people set out on a path to reach a dream (medical school, new job, whatever). They fix themselves on a path, and when something on the path changes, they give up the dream. They give up the goal because the pieces necessary to get there change, or don’t work out, so they assume the dream is impossible. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your dream is not impossible. You just haven’t figured what’s really needed to make it happen. So I’m not sure there’s ever a dream you can’t accomplish if you really want to. You just have to be flexible when it comes to making those dreams a reality.

Q: Have you ever been told you were too ambitious?
A: Not in those exact words, no. Instead, I’ve been told that I couldn’t accomplish something I wanted to—mostly because of my gender, or age. Or I’ve been told that my goal was impossible to reach. I enjoy proving all of that kind of feedback wrong on a regular basis.

Q: How do you define perfectly ambitious?
A: I define being perfectly ambitious as listening to your own inner voice, to work at finding and creating the life right for you. Forget what society says you need to accomplish, ignore the social pressures of standardized success and instead assess what you were created to do—then go do it.

Q: What makes you perfectly ambitious?
A: I don’t like the terrible way our world views aging women. My response has been to create a safe space where we are cherished, glorified and empowered. At the time of my life society is telling me it’s time to slow down and essentially go away because I’m no longer relevant, I’m instead building up an incredible platform. My voice is projecting messages of love and encouragement to other women who are feeling left out, unnecessary or devalued.

Q: What inspires you?
A: Small events around me. The things I witness in real life.

Q: What other perfectly ambitious women do you admire?
A: Strangely enough, I just did a post about this. I wrote a piece last week about Susan Boyle and Vera Wang—two women who reached their greatest successes after the age of forty, which goes against most of what society teaches us. Those aren’t the only two women I admire—I actually have tons. It’s just a happy coincidence I did this post!

Q: What is your favorite blogging tip or resource?
A: It’s a tip: go to where your people are. There is SO MUCH social media out there it can be overwhelming to know how to get your voice heard. I started accounts with everything, promoted equally and studied where I got the most feedback. Turns out my readership is primarily on Facebook, so that’s where I now focus my efforts. I still have the other accounts, but really don’t work too heavily on them, because there’s not an adequate return for my efforts. Work smarter, not harder.

Q: What advice would you like to share with others?
A: Stop looking for “instant success,” because the market has become too saturated. There are too many “only adequate” bloggers out there clogging up the airwaves, so to speak, and it will take some time for truly stellar content to rise above it all. So quietly and steadily, work on providing stellar content, and you will develop a product that is not only solid, but your true voice.

Q: What music do you like to have playing while you're writing?
A: Soft instrumental—no words to compete with what I’m crafting in my mind.

Q: What does your blogging process look like?
A: Something I see will inspire me. It might be an interaction I witness, a snippet of conversation I hear or an experience I go through. Something though, gets my attention. I’ll quietly think about it for a bit, and allow it to expand in my mind. A certain aspect will catch, and I’ll follow that train of thought. I might ponder this for a day, I might ponder it for a week. Then I’ll get up very early one morning, and write the post out. I’ll complete it in four to six hours, generally. I just drill it out. I’ll proofread it several times, and usually release it the day it’s written.

Q: What are your future goals?
A: 2017 is going to be a year of restoration and good health for me. I’ve had some pretty major setbacks recently, and this is going to be a time of healing and completion. I’ve told my readers about this, and will chronicle my journey. Many of them have told me they are inspired to now join me on this quest for good health, so I can’t wait to see how it all works out! As for my business goals, I want to grow significantly. I have already charted out metrics for eachmonth—statistics I wish to reach, and ways to get there. I have action plans in place, and am thrilled to go into 2017!

Q: What do you want to accomplish?
A: I want to become a significant voice in the field of women’s aging, and provide gentle and positive feedback to a population of people who are regularly pushed aside.

Fun Facts about Chanler
  • Her favorite quote changes from time to time based on her current life's circumstances.
  • Her favorite book is The Heart is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers. She rereads it
    every year and a half or so, because the characters are so well drawn that they have become almost real to her, and she wants to stop by for a visit!
  • She finished college in England.
  • She previously received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Chamber of Commerce Executives.
  • She wants to learn anything and everything.
  • She thinks she is horrible at answering the telephone.
  • Her biggest accomplishment is being a kind, compassionate and optimistic person despite an extremely difficult and abusive past. That can’t be measured or quantified for any kind of reward or recognition, but it’s the thing she's most in awe of about herself, because it’s a completely unlikely outcome.
  • When she's not working, she likes to spend time with her family, knit, read, and exercise!

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