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I know I've talked about Stephii from the Stephii Mattea blog before, but I'm gonna do it again! This wonderful soul has nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I couldn't be happier!

She is such a sweetheart and she's a relatively new blogger, just like me! She actually had her one year blogiversary a few months ago and I won the awesome giveaway she was hosting! So, if you aren't already reading her blog, I suggest you go check it out!

Versatile Blogger Award Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Include a link to their blog
  • Write a blog post and display the award
  • Reveal seven facts about yourself
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award
  • Notify each blogger of their nomination

A Quick Thank You:
Dear Stephii, 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Not only for nominating me for this award, but for your support in general. I know that we don't chat as often as we should, but I know that you'd be there if I wanted to - and I, you!

I'm really glad that we met earlier this year and I'm glad that we've had the chance to collaborate! You are doing wonderful things with your blog and I'm excited to see where it goes!

Thank you again!

7 Facts About Me:
1. I watch way too much TV
Even though I don't have time to watch TV, I still watch way too much of it! I can't even count how many shows that I'm currently caught up with because it's A LOT! At the moment though, I'm watching The Mindy Project and Gilmore Girls from the beginning! I'm been meaning to for a while now, but with the new Gilmore Girls reboot coming, I knew I better start sooner than later! 

2. I buy a ridiculous amount of books
It's true! When we moved into the new house, I got my own office and a new bookshelf to match! Before I knew it, that bookshelf was full! Then a couple weeks ago, my father-in-law brought up all the books that I had stored away at his house and I had to get a second bookshelf! And if that wasn't bad enough, a local bookstore went out of business and they discounted all of their books to 90% off or 10 for $1! So, needless to say, I'm going to need a third bookshelf soon!

3. I eat dessert every single day
This might sound crazy, but I do! Of course, my 15+ chronic illnesses definitely have something to do with this! Besides my love for sweets, I also need them to function. Since my blood sugar likes to drop sometimes and/or a migraine springs itself on me, I've always got sweets on hand! My go-to's are usually cookies dough and ice cream, but I almost always have Oreos, pudding, Fudge Stripes, gummies and more on hand too!

4. I write a lot
While I'm not making a ton of progress on my two novels right now, I still write A LOT! Between my two blogs and all of the lists that I make, my hands are always moving! I'm just hoping soon that I'll find the time to get ahead on my work and get back to writing both my debut novel and my free verse narrative!

5. I over do it
I don't think there are any truer words than this to describe me! I am constantly overdoing it! I overthink when it comes to social situations. I overplan when it comes to any new adventure. I overresearch anytime I have a new symptom, medication, or procedure scheduled. I just over do it in general! So much so, that I often wear my body out before lunch time!

6. I am super picky
Fact number six gives number five a run for its money, because I am REALLY picky! When it comes to food, I will rarely eat anything that isn't on a kids menu. More than that though, I'm picky about everything in my life. Once I find something I like, whether it be an object or a way of doing things, I don't change it! 

7. I give awesome presents
It's true! I do! This is also another piece of the "I over do it" puzzle. When it comes to gifts, I always try to go above and beyond. I remember one year, I asked my husband to make me a list of stuff he wanted for his birthday and he did. And of course, I then bought everything on it. Not only that, but I went and got him the stuff he didn't ask for too! Like new shirts, his favorite candy, a new watch, etc. So just know, if we become friends, and the money permits it, I'll probably spoil you a little bit as well!

My Nominations:

Have you been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award before? I'd love for you to drop the link for your blog post, so I can learn a little bit more about you and the people you nominated!

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