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Brielle Galekovic is a perfectly ambitious woman currently residing in Southern California. She is the owner and operator of the blog Gilded Bellini. Brielle's blog is focused on brunch, cocktail and lifestyle topics. She covers brunch reviews both through written posts and through video. She also has a section for brunch attire, cocktail spotlight, and lifestyle posts.

When Brielle began her blog, she new exactly what her niche would be. While living in New York City, she worked in public relations. One of the major perks was being able to find out new things first - including brunch. She and her friends would go somewhere new every weekend. It was a huge stress reliever and something to look forward to after a long week. She grew to truly love the brunching lifestyle and everything that came along with it. She became the go-to for recommendations, and on top of that, she loved to write. She always wanted to blog, so she knew blogging about brunch was what she wanted to do.

When she's not working on something for her blog, you can find her freelancing for a few small companies. She is their sole blogger and marketing assistant. Additionally, she is also a guest blogger on Time Out Los Angeles. Working with Time Out has always been one of her dreams and it helps her get out of her comfort zone. When she's not freelancing, she is working out. She says it keeps her sane; she absolutely loves barre and pilates.

Q & A with Brielle
Q: Have you ever been told you were too ambitious?
A: Not to my face. But I know it’s been talked about amongst people who I thought I was close to. Tell me: why can’t I have big dreams? Why can’t I do what I want instead of doing what’s expected of me? Why should I lead an average, expected, and very routine lifestyle if I know I’m meant for something else, that maybe you aren’t comprehendible of understanding? That’s a difference I see in myself sometimes from other people. I will always genuinely support someone’s dreams if they are supportive of mine, and no that doesn’t mean just “liking” posts on social media and putting in the “supportive” effort that’s expected. It goes deeper than that, and it’s understanding where you’re at in your life on a more personal level. If I support you, I won’t question and be condescending and say “Really? I think that’s kind of unrealistic. I mean do you think that’s really going to happen? Just do things this way. You’re not doing it the right way.” Instead of being so judgmental, understand where the person that has so much ambition is coming from. In this day and age, you can really make a lot happen for yourself if you put in the work and you have that drive. If you’re a go-getter, go get it. At the end of the day, you know whom you can trust and who is your support system. Anyone who questions or criticizes doesn’t matter, and most of the time they just look insecure.

Q: Do you think it is good or bad to have dreams you may never accomplish? And why?
A: It’s a good thing. Of course, you want to accomplish any dream you have. But even if you have that end goal in mind, things just may happen that lead you down the same path, but will lead you to something better. Having goals and dreams are things that I definitely think are the essence of ambition. Anyone who has a dream that they’re really passionate about, I just really admire that.

Q: How do you define perfectly ambitious?
A: Being perfectly ambitious is having that desire and that drive to keep pushing forward even when the odds aren’t in your favor. And it’ll happen a lot. But even when they are, it gives you that much more of a push. Being perfectly ambitious is making mistakes along the way, but you still have that end goal in mind that gives you your sanity, your hope and the determination to be everything that you want to be.

Q: What makes you perfectly ambitious?
A: Over the past few years, I have graduated college, gotten a “real” job in New York City, moved across the country, started freelancing, started my blog and took on opportunities that both excited me and scared me at the same time. I’ve been burned, I’ve been supported, I’ve been inspired, I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve been over the moon. I’ve been every single emotion. I’ve had my doubts. And so many people have doubted me. But as time goes on, my moments where I know for myself that I am going to do everything I want to and am destined to do outweigh those doubts that sometimes slip into my mind…because I am naturally an ambitious person. I take every fall and every stand up and use it in my favor; for experience. Without that experience and those imperfections, you can’t reach your goal and truly appreciate it… really live it and breathe it and be thankful for it. I’m perfectly ambitious because I have my dreams; I am working towards them while just being human along the way. I won’t stop until I accomplish what I want to.

Q: What inspires you?
A: I love meeting and collaborating with people who have the same ambitious mindset as I do. With creativity constantly ricocheting, I get so inspired. I also get inspired by just taking in all that I see – whether it’s reading, looking at street art, a cool Instagram photo, even the simplicity of drinking coffee alone at a coffee shop. Music is huge for me, and so is writing. I have always had a very creative mindset and I think that all the little things, even ones that I can’t think of right now are my inspiration. If I’m truly inspired by something or someone, I’ve always been able to get in my own zone and really just have total word vomit (sorry tmi) in my mind and formulate detailed, rich meaningful sentences; even if it doesn’t end up on paper. Sometimes it doesn’t need to.

Q: Who is another perfectly ambitious woman that you admire?
A: In the celeb world, I have always admired Kristin Cavallari because she followed what she was passionate about, despite her reality TV reputation, and created hugely successful jewelry and shoe lines while balancing 3 children and being married all at a very young age. From what she lets the public see, she lives a happy and healthy lifestyle that I look up to. In real life, I admire my mom.  No matter what ups and downs there are in life, she never stops working and always is coming up with new ways to be creative. Even when there are days that are far from perfect, she always has an end goal that she knows she will get to. If I didn’t have an ambitious mom, I am not sure if I would have ever been raised to have that drive, too!

Q: What are your future goals?
A: My ultimate goal is to be happy in whatever job I’m doing, and to not do what’s expected of me because it’s the “easy way out.” I want to really discover everything I am passionate about and live that to the fullest. I want to create a future for myself that I can depend on and be proud of. My future business goal is to keep writing, keep filming, keep collaborating, and building my brand into a household name. I’d love to create some type of brunching lifestyle app, or brand my own champagne somewhere down the line. I want to accomplish getting The Gilded Bellini name out there! It doesn’t matter if you’re not living in LA. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a cocktail person. I want to inspire other readers and just at least introduce them to a very lighthearted, fun blog. I want my readers to get to know me, and let them know that the door is open if they ever need recommendations, blogger-to-blogger advice, questions, comments, or if they just want to say hi! I want to build genuine connections. I’d also love to be a regular contributor on multiple sites.

Q: What is your favorite part about blogging?
A: My favorite part is being able to finally be doing something I genuinely enjoy, and meeting people along the way that share that similar passion as me. The fact that I am able to write and put my work out there for the world to see and read is so special. It’s definitely nerve-racking considering I put myself in a very vulnerable state, as any blogger does. No, brunch isn’t saving lives. But, what I would hope for readers to get by visiting The Gilded Bellini is something deeper than that – it’s giving readers a glimpse of something fun that they could look forward to, to take 5 minutes out of their day to read an interesting article, and to just have more of a lighthearted, fun outlook on life. You never know what someone is going through behind closed doors. If my blog could serve as even a 2-minute block of time to escape a routine, laugh a little, get inspired, and want to follow the adventures of my blog and me a little bit more, I am extremely grateful.

Fun Facts about Brielle
  • She has three favorite quotes: 
    - "I like people with emotional and intellectual depth, people that speak with passion from their inner twisted mind."
    - "If an opportunity doesn't knock, build a door," by Milton Berle.
    - "Because in a sense, it's the coming back, the return which gives meaning to the going forth. We really don't know where we've been until we've come back to where we were. Only, where we were may not be as it was because of who we've become. Which is, after all, why we left."
  • Her favorite book is A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess.
  • Her favorite movies include: Tuck Everlasting, The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, and Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes.  
  • She wants to learn how to shut her mind off at night. As a writer and a naturally anxious person, she is constantly thinking. She's tried to meditate, but she just can't do it!
  • She thinks she is horrible at math, sports, and controlling her impulses. 

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