Book Haul: May 2016

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These are all of the books that I have purchased in May! I have received a few more from authors, but I want to keep those a secret until I post my reviews!

Dark Halo
Dark Halo is book three of the Angel Eyes Trilogy. I don't have the first two books in the series, but I didn't want to miss out on this awesome deal! I knew from the cover that this book would fall into my favorite genre, so I didn't bother reading the synopsis. I also didn't want to read it and spoil something that happens in the first two books. I did, however, read the synopsis of Angel Eyes and I will definitely be looking for the first two books in this series!

Kiss Me Kill Me
I don't remember when, but I have definitely heard of this book before. When I was scrolling on the Hastings website I saw the cover, but couldn't remember what the book was about. After clicking on the small picture, I read the synopsis and I was intrigued. I'm excited to get started on this book once I finish my current "To be read" list!

I hadn't heard of Torn before, but I knew I had to read the synopsis after seeing the cover. I like a certain genre and this book seemed to fit the bill. It's a young adult book with romance and a little bit of magic! It sounds perfect! It is also the first book in the Torn Trilogy, so I'll have to purchase the other two!

Mind Games
"They stole her past. She won't let them take her future." How could you not pick up a book with that on the front cover?! I haven't read any of Kristen White's books, but after reading the synopsis for this one, I think I'm going to have to start. In the back of Mind Games, there are advertisements for her Paranormalcy Trilogy and I will definitely be looking those books up!

Dust City
Everyone has heard or read the story of little red riding hood. So, when I saw that this book plays off of that story I was immediately intrigued. Who doesn't want to know what happened after the childhood tale?

Kiss of Death
This is the fourth book in the Kiss Me Kill Me series by Lauren Henderson. I still haven't read the first book, but I figured why not get another one in the series while it's on sale? I'll still need to pick up the second and third books in the series, but I don't think that should be too much of a problem. I'm excited to get the rest of the collection and then I can finally begin!

Shadow of the Mark
This is the sequel to Carrier of the Mark, which I have not read. I hadn't realized that this was part of a series when I purchased it, so I'll have to get the first book. I also noticed on Goodreads, that the author planned on writing a third book in the series. However, it doesn't seem that she has any plans for that book just yet.

I have wanted to read Elizabeth Chandler's Kissed by an Angel series since I was in high school. Of course, I never actually purchased them; So, I knew when I saw the last book in the series on sale I had to get it! Everafter is the sixth book in the series, so I still have quite a few more to buy. I can't want to get my hands on them! Especially since I have the same name as one of the characters :)

A Rise
I hadn't heard of A Rise before, so I didn't know that it was a part of a series. I seem to be getting worse at judging that now. This book is the second installment of the Hereafter Trilogy, which means that I have two more books to buy. As soon as I get those on my bookshelf, I will begin this series!

Dead Rules
After reading the synopsis again, I realized that this book sounds a little like Kiss Me Kill Me. However, instead of kissing him to death, she loves him to death. As far as I know, this book isn't a part of a series, but the author does seem to write a lot of books about ghosts. I'm not sure if I'll be interested in any of his other books. Who knows though, I might change my mind!

Fallen 4
In my March Book Hall, I picked up books two, three, and five of the Fallen series. I still haven't been able to track down book one, but I was able to get book four on sale! I'm just one book short, but as soon as I find it, I'll finally be able to begin the series :)

Have you read any of these books before? What did you think of them?

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  1. Kiersten White is amazing! Her Paranormalcy series is my favorite!! But Mind Games is awesome too. :)

    1. Thank you for the comment! I will definitely have to add those to my list :)