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One of my favorite parts of featuring perfectly ambitious women and small businesses, is getting to review their lovely products! 

Today, I'm reviewing a body mist from Owl You Need Is Scrub. Kelly the owner, also included a sample of peppermint mocha body scrub which we will be giving away!

Kelly opened her shop in February of 2015 and it's now just a little over a year old. She and her business have grown a lot in the last year. She's close to 7500 followers on Instagram and she's made over 330 sales!

Owl You Need Is Scrub offers a variety of all natural beauty products. Some of which include: creams, body scrubs, body mists, and bath salts. She offers a few different creams including: muscle rub, eczema cream, stress relief cream, body butter, diaper rash cream and even eye cream. She also offers lip scrubs, body scrubs, hand scrubs, feet scrubs, and face scrubs. Most of her items come in a large variety of scents. Kelly likes to use essential oils and has a wide variety of scent combinations. She has also done custom orders for customers too. She is constantly trying new things and finding new ways to better her business. 

When the package first arrived, I could smell what was inside before I even opened it! I must say, she does a great job packaging her items! It took multiple pens and keys (yes, we're too lazy to get up and get scissors) to open the package. 

Once inside, there is a plastic bag full of air providing an extra cushion for the products. After removing the air bag, you can see a business card taped to bright tissue paper. My kittens were huge fans of the paper! 

Each product was wrapped nicely, almost as if you're getting your own personal present! You'll noticed that each product is sealed tightly with a cap or lid, and labeled with hand written stickers. 

As far as customer service goes, Kelly was very easy to get in touch with and made sure that the package arrived safely. She was also quick to answer any questions that I had regarding the items. 

I'm super excited to be reviewing the "Sweet Orange Body Mist." The products that arrived were a complete surprise to me! I gave her a list of the scents/products that I'd like to try, and was surprised to see these. 

After reading the body mist label, I immediately took the cap off and sprayed it on my arm. I'm a huge citrus fan and I loved it right away. It reminded me of those orange creamsicle popsicles that I used to eat as a kid. I used it a few different times to see what worked best. I learned that one spray on my skin lasted about 30 minutes. I then tried 4 sprays in a row on my arm, and that lasted a little longer. My body has a tendency to absorb the things that I put on it. Even my make up doesn't last very long. 

Next I tried it on my clothing. The body mist definitely lasted longer on my clothes then on my bare skin. After spraying myself again, I realized that I also sprayed the couch cushions behind me, so I decided to include that in the review as well. They definitely held the scent better than my skin. In my opinion, I think if the scent was a little stronger it would be a great alternative for body spray or Febreze. I definitely love the fact that they are all natural!

I would definitely recommend this shop! I think providing all natural beauty products is a great thing in itself, and I love supporting other handmade small businesses. 

As I mentioned earlier, Kelly included a peppermint mocha body scrub in her package. Although I love peppermint, I'm not a huge fan of coffee. I hope you still aren't mad at me from confessing that in my past post, "The First Time I Went to Starbucks + My Order."

It does happen to benefit you though! Now I've got, what I can only believe is, an amazing body scrub to giveaway to one lucky reader!

The prize is a sample container (1.5 oz) of Owl You Need Is Scrub's Peppermint mocha body scrub. There's only one mandatory entry for this giveaway and a bunch of ways to gain extra entries.

This giveaway starts on 3/19/2016 and ends on 3/27/2016 at midnight CDT. The winner will be randomly drawn and announced on 3/28/2016.

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* Kelly from Owl You Need Is Scrub, provided free samples to Perfectly Ambitious in exchange for a product review. However, all of the opinions in this post are mine. I will only provide my honest thoughts and opinions on all of my reviews. *

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