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I have been wanted to do a Target dollar spot post for quite some time now. Unfortunately, every single time I've gone in the last two months, it has been completely wiped out. Their Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and Easter items have just flown off of the shelves.

Luckily, this time they had everything I wanted! I'm excited to update my office and get it more organized and Target had just what I needed!

The first thing that I picked up was this “Write It Down” notepad. It has plenty of lines to write down all of my crazy lists. It also has a magnet on the back if I want to hang it somewhere. The best part is, it was only $1!

Next, I picked up the "Another Fine List" notepad. This one is a little wider than the last and its blank. I like that I can write what I need down as well as sketch out ideas. Just like the last it also has a magnet on the back and this one was $1 too!

After finding some new notepads, I came across a cute 2 pack of pens. Both are black and tan with geometric designs. They click on the top and they seem to write well. These match my notepads perfectly and the best part is, they were only $1!

As I made my way to the bottom of the shelves, I found this gold wastebasket! I usually get them from Ross or Marshall's, but they're usually $5.99. I was able to get this one from Target for $3! I then used it to carry everything else instead of getting a cart :)

After I finished looking at the Target dollar spot, I walked over to the office supply section. I came across this 3 pack of notepads and I knew I had to have them! If you couldn't tell already, I write all the time! I always have an open notebook nearby to write down all of my ideas. So I figured, why not get a couple that actually match! I scored these for $3.99!

Lastly, I picked up this cute "to do" notebook with a spiral at the top. It has lined pages on the inside and they're perforated too! It's sad how many pieces of paper I go through for all of my to do lists, now I'll be able to keep them all in one place. The perforated pages were an extra bonus; I hate ripping out pages and having the spiral fill up with all those little pieces. I grabbed this matching notepad for just $4.99.

I am in love with everything I picked up from Target today! I can't wait for us to move so I can finally  update the rest of my office!

My total for this trip ended up being just over $16 (including tax)!

If you haven't checked out the Target dollar spot before, I highly recommend doing so!

If you don't specifically like the black and gold combo, they had tons of other options as well. They also had white boards, chalk boards, planners, files, and so much more. I'll probably go back next week for a few of their burlap and paper banners!

What's the best thing you've scored from the Target dollar spot?

* I was not paid by Target for this content. All of the opinions in this post are mine. *

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