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As a new blogger, I was super excited to find a free webinar titled More Pageviews The Easy Way. I hadn't participated in one before, but what blogger doesn't want more pageviews? The webinar was hosted by Jackie from Jade & Oak and Helene from Helene in Between.

When it came time, I logged on to find a live chat with other bloggers! We introduced ourselves and exchanged information as we waited for the webinar to go live.

I just have to say, this webinar was fantastic! I watched a couple others and they did not compare to this one. I learned so much and I was able to make so many new blogger buddies. In fact, they inspired me to start Perfectly Ambitious Bloggers!

Perfectly Ambitious Bloggers is going to be a new section of my blog, dedicated to tips and tutorials to help bloggers. I'll share things that I've learned, guest posts, and more.

I've also started a Facebook group too! You can search for Perfectly Ambitious Bloggers, or click here. The Facebook group is for bloggers to share tips, resources, tools and other blogging services to help the wider community. Perfectly Ambitious Bloggers is a place where you can share your achievements, ask questions, connect with like minded bloggers and create new opportunities.

To promote interaction between members, there will be a themed post for each day of the week. You will be able to comment directly on the post. Of course, you can always ask questions and share ideas any day of the week. These posts will help steer the conversation :)

The themed posts are as follows!

Motivational Monday
When you see this photo, comment your highs and lows for the previous week. As I'm sure all of you bloggers know, writing things down helps to put them in perspective. You may think you had a really hard week, but when you take the time to notice the good things that happened you are able to end the week on a good note. Thus, starting the new week on a good note too!

Tips & Tricks Tuesday
When you see this photo, share any tips and tricks you have for fellow bloggers. They can be something you just learned, or something you've known forever. Whatever tips and tricks you have to share, might help one of the fellow members!

Webinar Wednesday
When you see this photo, feel free to post links to upcoming webinars. I couldn't leave this one out, since this is how this group got started :) You can also share any ideas that you have for future webinars, it would be a great way to collaborate with other bloggers in the group.

Think Tank Thursday
When you see this photo, comment new ideas you've had for a post or collaboration between bloggers. This is a great way to bounce ideas off of one another. Some bloggers may have already written about your idea, and can share some insight with you!

Freebie Friday
When you see this photo, post links to your favorite freebies! These can include free online courses, books, or any other materials that you think would be helpful to other bloggers! Feel free to post your own materials as well!

Series Saturday
When you see this photo, share your current or upcoming series posts and ideas. Some bloggers have never written a series, and I'm sure would they love to talk to an experienced blogger! Seeing your series could also be a good example for them.

Shoutout Sunday
When you see this photo, shoutout fellow bloggers and give them kudos. Let them know if you read one of their posts and loved it. Sometimes we forget to let others know how we feel, so that's what this post is for. Maybe another blogger helped you with something new, give them a shoutout too!  

What would you like to see in the new blogging section of Perfectly Ambitious?

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  1. I love the idea of daily themes for blog posts! Also, where did you find the webinar, I'd love to check them out. Now I can't wait for Wednesday to come back and find out more! :)


    1. Thank you! I really think they will help the members interact and start conversations :) I'm not even sure how I stumbled upon the webinar. I think it was one of the cases where I was on one Instagram account that lead to another and another until I ended up seeing it. The webinar was played live, and then it went into replay mode for a few days before it goes away. I haven't seen them plan another one, but if I find any I'll definitely let you know! I've been interested in doing my own webinar, but I honestly don't even know where id start haha.


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