The First Time I Went to Starbucks + My Order

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Please don't hate me when I say this, but I don't like coffee. There, I said it! It's true, I don't like coffee. In fact, I don't like much of anything. I'm super picky and I only drink four things: water, sprite, my Starbucks order, and chocolate milk (but only certain kinds).

I used to never go to coffee shops, but someone once dragged me to a Starbucks. I explained that I didn't like coffee, and they said it didn't matter. They asked if I liked caramel, of course I said yes. So they proceeded to order me a caramel Frappuccino, without coffee. They asked me if I liked whip cream, and I said no. So I didn't order any, and it was a simple as that.

To my surprise, I really liked it. I was basically drinking vanilla ice cream with caramel swirls. Since my first experience, I realized how much I really love caramel. So I always ask for extra drizzle. I now get this drink anytime I'm at Starbucks, or target :) It was really bad when I lived in the dorms at UNF. We had two Starbucks on campus, so I basically got one every other day. Thank you mandatory meal plan!

If you're interested in trying my order, just go to your local Starbucks and repeat after me:
- Grande
- Cream based
- Caramel frappuccino
- No whipped cream
- Extra extra extra extra extra extra extra caramel drizzle
         *Yes I really ask for 7x more caramel

How could you not want to try that? I mean look at all of that caramel!

If you decide to try it, I'd love to know what you think!

What is your favorite Starbucks order?

* This is not a sponsored post. I am not getting anything from Starbucks or Target for this blog post.*

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