My Weight Journey and My Favorite App

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As I mentioned in my Emotional Hoarding and Purging My Closet post, I have gained quite a bit of weight.

I am still unaware of my current diagnosis, but I’m hoping that we’re able to determine it soon. Through this process I have put on a total of 70 pounds. That’s about 18 pounds a year, for the last 4 years!

I have always struggled with my weight, but I’m currently the heaviest that I have ever been. It's been hard to deal with and I still haven't adjusted. My medications have prevented me from losing weight, and when they don’t work I start gaining even more.

You can see my weight transformation below. In the first picture, I weighed about 105 and it was taken in April of 2012. In the second picture, I weighed about 175 and it was taken in October of 2015.  

A lot has changed since the first picture. I used to be very active, and I miss that. I was a four year varsity weightlifter in high school, and I was doing 14 mile bike rides just for fun. Now I can barely walk across my apartment without losing my breath.

I know that a lot of other spoonies  have this problem too, and that’s why I’m writing about it.

I wasn’t always the healthiest eater, but I’m slowly getting on the right track! There’s an app that I like to use and it really does help!

A few years ago, I downloaded Fooducate. It allowed me to lose a couple of pounds just by counting my calories. I didn’t have to work out and I didn’t have to change my diet. I just had to make myself aware of what I was eating, and how much I was eating.

A couple weeks ago, I redowloaded the app. I decided to trade in my chips for apple slices, and I started moving more. My chiropractor recommended some stretches and exercises and I’ve been trying to work through the pain.

Every once in a while, I try to do a one of those pretty challenges on Pinterest, but I never finish them. I either get to a number of reps that I can’t do, or my pain has just taken over.

I think the hardest part about trying to lose weight is my sweet tooth. I love sweets, like a lot! I used to bake all of the time, so I constantly crave cookies, brownies, and ice cream. I have noticed my other cravings have changed though, I guess what they say about forming habits is true. After 21 days of trying to make slow changes, I’ve started craving Subway instead of Mcdonald’s and I’m doing better about my sweet tooth too. I either opt for a pudding cup or I go to Tropical Smoothie.

I know that aiming to lose the whole 70 pounds isn’t exactly realistic or healthy, so I’ve set my goal to 50 pounds. I would like to get into the 120’s and hopefully stay there. Since I stared using the app again, I’ve already lost 4.4 pounds. Each day I’m getting closer and closer to my goal.

It’s hard to stay accountable when so many things are changing in my life, but the app really helps. I’m able to check the ratings of foods when I’m at the grocery store, and there’s some other great features too. My favorite part about the app is the community section. Users are able to share updates of their journey, recipes, and inspiration. There’s also an option to upgrade to the premium app for more features, but right now the free one works just fine for me!

I haven’t quite mastered this weight loss thing yet, but I just wanted to let all of my spoonie family know that it is possible! I’m hoping to work my way up to a full workout, but that may take a while. I’d love to hear about your weight loss journey, and I’ll make sure to keep you updated on mine!

What’s your favorite weight loss tip?

*I did not receive anything from Fooducate or it's creators. These are all my own personal opinions.*

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