Guest Post: The Biggest Struggles in My Healthy Living Journey

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Everyone has challenges in life and those challenges do not go away when you start a healthy living journey. Some might improve while others might get worse, but it won’t make them just disappear. Some of my biggest challenges in my own journey have ranged in variety, from long-term and temporary issues, to life events as a whole.

Emotional/Stress Eating
This is always something that I’ve struggled with, and throughout my journey it has become more apparent. There are times that it has improved and other times where it has reared its ugly head in the worst ways for me. Keeping busy when the urge hits, as well as drinking water, focusing on grabbing healthier alternatives to satisfy cravings, and going for a walk, have all been ways for me to overcome my emotional and stress eating.

Sticking with Strength Training
Maybe I’m a cardio junky, or maybe I just find most strength training boring. In the past, I have been able to stick with a strength training routine for a few weeks to a month at the most. Then an illness, or an injury, would hit and I would get sidelined and found it extremely difficult to get back into the strength training rhythm. I still need to work on sticking to a strength training routine after over two years in my journey, and because I know how important it is to my physical wellbeing, I will not give up on figuring out a way to stick with it!

Various Illnesses and Injuries
Along my journey, there have been many illnesses and injuries that have popped up at various points. They are tough, especially mentally and emotionally, which then makes staying on track more difficult. Some of these events that I have battled are the regular colds and other viruses, as well as infections, tooth extractions, a foot injury, falls causing hip and tailbone pain, as well as various minor injuries to joints due to my joint problem. Sometimes I felt strong and was able to stay on track, while many other times I struggled a lot, which resulted in my falling off track on some of those occasions. Not feeling well, or being sidelined by injuries, can be a major deterrent to healthy eating and especially to sticking with an exercise plan.

Depression and Anxiety
I have dealt with depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. In my healthy living journey, I have learned to better manage both, but they can still wreak havoc in my life and add a whole new level of difficulty to living healthier. I have become better at detecting when things are going on, so that I can either brace for impact or deal with it as best as I can, and that has helped immensely. Still, there are times my depression really gets to me and I feel like giving in or giving up. My goals and dreams are too important to me to give up altogether, so I resist, but I still hate that feeling and how convincing it is!

Most Recently: a Major Moving Process
Over the summer my parents and I moved across the country, from Indiana to California. We had to leave my sister, brother, and their families behind which has been really tough. The part that has been the most challenging to my healthy living journey in regards to the move was the sheer overwhelm of it all: helping my brother and his boys move out, helping clean out my grandparents’ house after both were living in a nursing home full-time, packing up our own house for the move, and all of the arrangements and disasters that happened with the move itself. It wasn’t a total nightmare, but it was so very stressful and I fell off track during the whole, and very long, process.

The most important message I would like to pass along to everyone is that no matter what challenges you face in your healthy living journey, don’t ever give up on yourself or on having a better life!

Author Bio:

Bonnie McConaughy is the owner and founder of Inspire the Best You, where she writes about weight loss, healthy living, self-love, and personal growth. If you are interested in those topics, stop by and read her blog! She is also a freelance and ghostwriter here too!

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