25 Random Facts About Me

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I have recently been invited to join Southern Belle Bloggers. As I'm sure you can imagine, it's a group of ladies blogging from the south :) Even if you aren't from the south, you are still welcome to join. They're on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They've also got a closed facebook group as well!

I'm really happy that I've found this community, it's helped me grow in the blogger community and I get to meet local bloggers! One of the bloggers I've met in the group has inspired me to post 25 random facts about myself. You can check out her original post here.

Since my blog is still pretty new, I wanted to tell you a little bit more about myself. You learned a little about me on my about page, but these are all different facts!

25 Random Facts About Me...
  1. Ivy is my real name, and my nickname is Ivysaur (yes like the Pokémon).
  2. I turn 21 on April 23rd.
  3. I love dinosaurs.
  4. I used to collect Yu-Gi-Oh cards and battle my brother and cousins.
  5. My favorite color is purple.
  6. I was a varsity weightlifter in high school.
  7. I've worked in almost every job category: retail, food, health, hospitality, child care, cars, wedding planning, photography and more.
  8. I was born in Gainesville, Florida.
  9. I didn't travel outside of Florida until I was 16.
  10. I've only seen snow once.

  11. I love country music.
  12. I've seen over 50 artists in concert.

  13. I asked my parents for a pet snake and a tarantula, but was denied.

  14. I have lived in three different states, and I'll be adding more to that list soon!
  15. I've always wanted to travel the world, so far I've been to Canada :)
  16. I wear glasses, or at least I'm supposed to.

  17. I'm a spoonie and I've almost got the same number of chronic illnesses as I do fingers.
  18. I hoard craft supplies.
  19. I have over 200 gemstones in my collection.
  20. My husband and I love going to zoos, wildlife sanctuaries, and aquariums.

  21. I've wanted a pet snow leopard ever since I was little.
  22. I love to read, I once read 43 books in a year.
  23. My favorite movie is the Labyrinth.

  24. Photography is one of my many passions.

  25. I was in lizard club in the 5th grade!
I didn't realize how hard it would be to come up with 25 facts about myself! I tag everyone reading this to participate!

Once you've completed your 25 facts, post the link in my comments!

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  1. Pet tarantula!! No way!! eeekkk!! Well I created my list to share and if there is one thing we are opposites in it is in the tarantula department.
    this took me way longer than I expected it too


    1. I love all things nature! I've held more snakes than I can count and I've held a tarantula once. I really didn't think it would be so hard to write about myself haha. I just read your post and I loved it!

  2. I love your post, Ivy! The timing was perfect, since I actually had an "about me" post already scheduled on my editorial calendar for today! :)



    1. Thank you! That's awesome that you already scheduled it! It's funny how things work out :) I just checked out your post and I'm about to leave a comment on your page!

  3. Great post! My favourite colour is purple too and one of my top favourite films is Labyrinth! Also can't beat a bit of Pokémon.

    1. Thank you! I have always loved purple 😊 It makes me so happy that someone else likes the Labyrinth! I'm only 20 so no one my age really knows about the movie, and if they've seen it they don't like it. I can't even get my husband to watch it with me 😂

  4. Thank you! By your username I assume you write as well. Do you have a blog or something that I could read?