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2016 is the first year that I'm not in school and I don't have a "real" job. It's incredibly weird, but I'm hoping to use this time to learn and try new things. I already mentioned some of these goals in my Perfectly Ambitious post, but there's also some new ones as well. I'm realizing that some of the things I'd like to learn will be difficult with my chronic illnesses, but I really want to make this a year of learning and growing for me.

Water Color Painting
I have always enjoyed arts and crafts, and I remember using the Crayola watercolor pack as a kid. It wasn't until recently that I have really developed a love for the look of watercolors. I have been asking lots of questions and looking up lots of tutorials! If you guys have any tips or suggestions, definitely let me know :)

It wasn't until I stumbled across some amazing Instagram accounts, that I realized how many people are lettering nowadays! I am in love with the look of hand lettered script and I would really like to learn. If you don't know what I'm talking about, check out my lettering inspiration here, here, and here.

Resin Cabochons
A few months ago, I ordered all the supplies to begin creating resin cabs. Unfortunately, it was poor timing. We had just gotten new kittens, so we couldn't leave the doors or windows open. Not only that, but winter was coming. All of the leaves and flowers that I was hoping to use, had already lost their colors. Now that spring is approaching, I can finally begin collecting beautiful pieces of nature.

Last year, I made the decision that I wanted to learn crochet. I figured one hook would be easier than two knitting needles. I went to the craft store and got all the supplies (yarn, hooks, books, etc). I tried to make a scarf in one of the books and completely failed. I cast 120 chains, but I made them to tight to continue. In December, I tried having two of my bridesmaids teach me, but that didn't work out either. Let me know if you've got any good tutorials!  

I have always collected "rocks" for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until July 2015 that I developed a love for them. I began wire wrapping gemstones and I began to recognize the "rocks" in my collection. After I stumbled upon a couple lapidary accounts on Instagram, I realized that I didn't just want to wrap stones, but I wanted to cut them too. I'm hoping to take a class at William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.

As I'm sure you've noticed, I pick up a lot of my hobbies from Instagram :) There are some awesome silversmiths out there, and some even cooler ladysmiths! I really think Silversmithing could take my jewelry to the next level, and I hope to take some classes someday soon. I've already started looking up teachers at the School of Lapidary Arts.

Although I've already been a paid photographer, I don't think photography is something that you learn once. I think like most skills, you have to continue to learn and perfect them. There are some amazing photographers out there, but I've got my eye on mentoring with one in particular. I'm hoping when everything lines up in the universe for me, that I'll be able to fly to Washington and take a class with Michelle Newell Photography.

What do you want to learn this year?

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  1. Crocheting has also defeated me. It is definitely at the top of my bucket list of things to learn. You have a beautiful blog!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Everyone else made it look so easy, and that was not the case for me. Thank you so much! I'm excited to see how yours grows :)

  2. Aaaah thanks so much for the lovin'!!

    1. You're welcome! You truly are a wonderful photographer and I would love to take one of your classes! It won't be any time soon with my current heart troubles, by my goal is to do it one day!