What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I First Started Blogging

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If you told me a year ago that Perfectly Ambitious would take off in the way that it has, I never would have believed you! The support that you guys have given me has truly been amazing!

Of course, there's still a couple lessons learned too! In fact, there are quite a few things that I wish someone would have prepared me for on this journey called blogging. Today, I'll be sharing seven of them with you!

1. You don't need a niche.
No matter what other bloggers say, I will never agree with the niche mentality. Personally, I feel that as long as you have a clear focus, your blog can succeed. There's no reason to force yourself into a box, unless you want to. If you want to talk about everything under the sun, go ahead, do it! If you want to stick to one specific category, that's ok too! Just don't feel the need to do what everyone else is saying you need to do.

2. You need to have a well thought out plan.
Originally, I scheduled myself to post five times a week and although it worked for a while, it eventually became too much. So, this year I had to workout a better plan for myself and I don't think I should have any problem sticking to it! No matter what you decide though, know that it's ok to alter your plan here and there. You are the only person that will know what is and isn't working for you and your blog, so trust yourself!

3. You can make money from day one.
You guys have no idea, how badly I wish someone had told me this in the beginning! I waited months after starting my blog to start monetizing it and I definitely regret it. Had I known that any and all pageviews could add up to some sort of income, then I would have taken advantage of it! Not to mention, all the other ways you can monetize your blog too!

4. You will need to spend a little money.
It's true, but it will almost always be worth it! The first time I started blogging, I spent far too much money thinking that's what I had to do to be successful. I got an official Wordpress website, a .com domain, and private hosting. Little did I know, that wasn't the best way to go about it; instead, this was. Either way though, you should be wise with your money. At this point in time, I only spend money on things that I think will benefit me and/or make my life easier. Many of which, I list on my resources page and in my blog stats & income reports!

5. You will need to take blogging seriously.
When I first started blogging, I had no idea how much work it really was. I knew I'd have to write posts and take photos, but it's so much more than that! Ultimately, you're starting a business and that requires a lot of work. You aren't only going to be head writer and editor, but you're also going to be a graphic designer, a web designer, a social media manager, and so much more! Being a blogger is hard work, but it's also an amazing opportunity!

6. You are going to experience critiques. 
Whether or not you ask for them, you are bound to run into critics. They might show up in the form of social media trolls, rude blog comments, or inner thoughts. Whatever the case may be, just know that you can move past them. For every hater you come across, there are so many awesome individuals out there supporting you! Remember, you've got friends, family, readers, and even other bloggers on your side!

7. You will never stop learning.
It's true! Time and time again, I've found myself searching for tutorials online. Over the last year, I've taught myself a little bit of code, I've delve further into the world of graphic design, and I've even expanded my knowledge of social media marketing. At some point, you will find yourself looking up tutorials, signing up for free courses, and even shelling out money for those big courses too; and it's 100% a good thing! Finding something that you're passionate about that also keeps you on your toes is the best kind of work!

Hopefully, through writing this post, I'll have prepared a couple of you for the journey that is blogging. And in case you're looking to start a blog, I've got a quick tutorial for you too!

For those of you that have been blogging for a while, are there any points that you'd like to add to this list? Tell me in the comments below!

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  1. I've just started blogging again (this is number three in five years, third time is the charm right?!) and this post really encouraged me that I'm doing the right thing. I tried to fit a niche the last two times and though both of my posts so far this time have referred to my lack of spoons, I do not intend to focus only on that this time. I haven't shared my posts or my blog yet because well, I'm only three days in and still working on graphics/design/etc but I just wanted to let you know that reading this was that extra *nudge* I needed to go full steam ahead in the days to come. Thank you!!

    1. Sarah, thank you for taking the time to comment! Your words mean so much to me! I'm glad that I could give you the little nudge that you needed and I hope you keep me updated on your progress! Hopefully the 3rd time is the charm for you! Number 2 definitely was for me 😊

  2. Thank you for sharing this! I am bookmarking this page and will be coming back to visit on multiple occasions, I suspect. I tried blogging once, but then became discouraged and backed off. However, everything you listed here has sparked my interest once again. I'm getting ready to head down a few new paths in life, and really want to document my journey, and now I'm more motivated than ever, thanks to the info you've shared here! :)

    1. Hi Monica! Thank you for your kind words 💖I'm glad I was able to spark your interest in blogging again and I can't wait to see what you do! Feel free to share your link when you're ready!

  3. Great stuff Ivy! And I completely agree with number one - niche isn't necessary for everyone. And #7 is probably my favorite things about blogging! There is always so much to learn that it can never get boring!