December's Verse of Encouragement 2016 + Free Printable

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As I mentioned in one of last month's blog posts, I have written a verse of encouragement in my planner for each month this year. If you missed last month's verse, you can check it out here!

This month's verse is Proverbs 31:25.

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future"

Guys, there's only one month left of the year! Can you believe it's almost Christmas time! I'm actually excited for this month to come!

Luckily for me, December is the least jam-packed month out of the entire year for me! I only have a couple days I have to go in for blood work, but that's about it! And as long as that goes well, I'll be on my way to a happy and healthy new year!

Of course, December is also a time for reflection, so I'm sure I'll get a little stressed out with all of the  work that I need to get done in preparation for the new year. Not to mention, planning all of the new changes I'd like to implement next year as well! So I can almost guarantee that this month's verse will come in handy the further we get into December. And what better verse to have by my side than Proverbs 31:25!

For those of you that need this reminder, or are simply looking for new art to hang on your walls, I have created a beautiful printout of this verse that I'd love to share with you! I hope that this verse brings comfort to you and really resonates in your heart!

* This printable is available for personal use only! *
What verse is sticking with you this month? Tell me in the comments!

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