Birthday Wishlist 2016

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I can't believe it's that time of year again! I turn 21 in less than two weeks!

If any of you know me, I can be a hard person to shop for! That's why I decided to start creating these online wishlists! So, if you are looking to buy me something for my birthday, now you can't go wrong!

1. Campus Backpack from Vera Bradley: I know I already have a bunch of cute totes and cross body purses, but I'm beginning to think I need a backpack. As my walking progressively gets worse, I'm realizing that a heavy purse on one side probably isn't helping my balance. So, I think this backpack is a great solution! It's big enough to hold my planner and it has enough pockets for all of my medications. Of course, I've got to stick with my neutral colors, so I would want it in classic black :)

2. Lanyard from Grandma's Chalkboard: You might recognize this from My Valentine's Day Wishlist, but I still really want it. I had a lanyard in college, but it broke this year. One of my best friends, and maid of honor, got me a cute keychain, but it has fallen apart. I really want a new lanyard that I can put around my neck. Plus, it'll match the backpack I want!

3. Wristlet from Vera Bradley: If I'm getting a new backpack, I must also get a new wallet! This one will be perfect for the times that I don't want to take everything with me. It fits my iPhone as well as all my important cards. It also doubles as a cross body, if I don't want to hang it around my wrist. To match my backpack, I'd also get this one in classic black.

4. Ombre Fringe Wall Hanging from Crafturday: I have been eyeing this wall hanging since I found Crafturday's account on Instagram. The extra large salty ocean wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous. I just know it would match my office perfectly! I would love to get one of these and hang it proudly. I make a big point to shop handmade and shop small, and I could do both with Crafturday.

5. 13-inch Macbook Pro with Retina Display (256 GB) from Apple: I know this is a pretty expensive gift, but I can dream right? As both a writer and a photographer, I definitely need a new laptop. I love my Lenovo Ideapad, but it's getting a little too slow for me. Since I have started using my iMac more, I know that I definitely want to upgrade to an Apple laptop. I've done extensive research, read reviews, and compared models and I've decided that this is the one for me. Now, if we can just save up the money to get it!

If you haven't noticed already, I'm not a huge fan of uneccessary gifts. I don't like having something just to have it.  I really only want the things that I need or I know I'll use. Unless it's books, I will always say yes to books!

What's on your birthday wishlist this year? Let me know in the comments!

* I do not claim to own any of these photographs. They came straight from the seller's websites. *

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